Wednesday, 25 March 2015

GSOC St Pauls University Kenya

GoogleSummerOf Code Event

St Paul'sUniversityKenya  

Over a hundred student from St Paul’s University Kenya, stepped away from their studies on Thursday, Feb 19th, to take part in a groundbreaking Google Summer of Code event.
“Creating awareness Google Summer of Code Campaign”

Student came from every disciplines, computer science,   Information Technology and Business   with the aim of being full armed, for the biggest coding event

Brian Njenga (Android Developer at DolayInc) and Harry Rodney (Kenya Respected Computer Scientist) were the featured speakers,   encouraging   student   to become Passionate in Google Summer of code and Android Development
Harry encouraged the attendees to challenge themselves by registering for Google Summer code.  He also asked students to Think on how to write code for open source 

student  were also  taught the following  characteristics  of  a Good programmer 
ü  to have impressive technical skills and read variety  of programming languages 
ü  have a willingness to learn on  trends in Technology
ü  Debugging skills 
ü  Analyze Problem Cleary 
ü  Work environment that match
ü  Problem solving skills
ü  Passion for the work 
ü  Practice, Practice, Practice 

The presentations struck a chord with Carol Wanjiku taking Computer Science at the university, who remarked, " Am motivated to code more, get registered and Win the Google Summer of code"

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